Register to compete

On this page you will find all the information about the conditions and criteria to compete in Swedish Embedded Award. You can also read about the prices and how to register for the competition. We look forward onto reading your application.

Conditions and criteria

  • All entries must achieve their function through the use one or more built-in processors with associated software, and should preferably be based on existing platforms.
  • End product of commercial interest
  • Design based on innovative thinking
  • Working prototype must be ready by 1 September 2019
  • The product/prototype must have been developed within the last two years (as of 1 September 2019).
  • The material must be easy to understand and well presented.
  • One ore more representatives from the manufacturer must be able to attend in order to present their product/prototype at Embedded Conference Scandinavia, Stockholm November 2019.


  • Student, for students at Swedish engineering schools and universities.
  • Enterprise, for Swedish enterprises.
  • IoT is a special category where all who are nominated in either of the two other categories, and have a product that is an IoT application is nominated for this class. All the other criteria necessary to be nominated are thus required. Please mark the relevant categories in the application. Definition of IoT.


The competition and prizes generally receive major media exposure. The prizes are handed out at a gala ceremony at the Fair.

  • The winners in the various categories receive acclaim, a certificate and a plaque.
  • The winner in the Student category also receives an SEK 50,000 scholarship.

All the finalist entries are given exposure at Embedded Conference Scandinavia and in the media.

Entry forms, deadlines and jury
  • Last date to apply August 26 2019.
  • Entrants must register by downloading, filling out and sending in the entry form to
  • The jury consists of participants from the organizers, so that representatives from both academia and the business community will judge the entries together. The composition of the jury, including a list of participants, will be presented in conjunction with the judging of the entries. The jury’s decisions cannot be appealed.